Painted Face is a film production company comprised of various artists based on a tribal mentality of collaboration. We are hell bent on delivering avant-garde and emotionally stirring movies, highlighting Chicago's local talent. We appreciate your interest in our work and encourage you to contact us for collaboration or support in our endeavors.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Architectural Gardens Web Videos

These next few videos were shot, edited and designed by the Painted Face tribe
for Architectural Gardens, a local company from Lake Bluff IL. These video's are
special to us because they are our first under the name Painted Face and turned
out so beautifully. We wanted to show that local and smaller companies can
create a unique web video with artistic flair, as well as reveal elements that are
innate to that company. We hope you enjoy watching these videos, as well as
become inspired by them.

Here is the music video written, shot and edited by the Painted Face tribe, with
a special thanks to the musician Clayton Heinrich. The other special thanks
goes to Margaret Morrissette of Architectural Gardens, for letting us be the
creatives we love to be and realizing the benefit it can have for everyone involved.

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