Painted Face is a film production company comprised of various artists based on a tribal mentality of collaboration. We are hell bent on delivering avant-garde and emotionally stirring movies, highlighting Chicago's local talent. We appreciate your interest in our work and encourage you to contact us for collaboration or support in our endeavors.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Music Video with A Blurred City Sight

Hello Followers of the Painted Face Tribe! We just wrapped shooting another video with A Blurred City Sight, except this time its an original tune! This shoot was a little longer than the last, but an incredible experience using the city you love as a backdrop for work you love doing. You know, the entire time we were out there I could not help but smile and think this is the office I always dreamed I would have... A new location everyday filled with sun and the friends I love as my colleagues. Floating down a river with a camera in front of my face and talent on the other side. Stay tuned for the video! But until then, here are some images (click to enlarge) that should give you a mouthwatering taste of the beauty we got to see every day we shot while listening to a great song. Yep... life is going pretty well for the tribe.


photos by Sam Fell